FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the site named Leaderzlog?

We started as LeadersLog. Then we came across an unrelated podcast from another party titled Leaders Log. We changed our site’s name in order to avoid confusion. We own both the leaderslog.com and leaderzlog.com domains and some of their derivatives.

What is a Log?

A Log is the label we chose to refer to a profile. Please click on the Sample Log button in the landing page to see an example Log (written by our founder).

Can I edit my Log once it has been published?

Yes. Just click the edit (pen) symbol next to any section.

Can I answer additional philosophy questions once my Log has been published?

Yes. Just click the edit (pen) symbol next to any section.

Can I refresh my references?

Once your references have been requested, they will remain unless there is no response, in which case you will receive an email from us which will allow you to request again or provide a different source.

How do I print my Log?

You can print your Log by using the print button after you publish.

Will my published Log be visible to others?

Yes, but partially. Your answers to philosophy questions and the reference responses provided for you will be hidden from others. We will later include an “unlock” function which will allow others to see your complete (anonymous) Log. Your identity will not be revealed until you are contacted and provide your permission.

How do I access my settings?

You can access your settings in the menu under your assigned user ID displayed in My Log page. The Settings screen also includes the option to delete your account.